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USASOA Operation Reboot

USASOA Operation: REBOOT is our peer to peer fellowship and support group for all military and veterans. Its core objective is to enable and promote a spirit of friendship and unity in a group setting. Building fellowship and trust through various supportive, therapeutic, and recreational activities help to displace barriers. If you are interested in this program, which is open to all veterans and active duty service members of every age and time of service, please contact us below. 

Our first event for 2018 will be an outdoor BBQ - all food and drinks will be supplied, there is no charge for joining this group or in participating in any of our events. Activities for the BBQ include: volleyball, basketball, cards, and for those who wish to share thoughts and ideas, discussion groups will be available. Join us for a wonderful, relaxing time, coming together with old friends and perhaps meet new ones. 

Exact details and location for this first event will be announced on the Operation Reboot 'closed-group' Facebook page and by email. 

Operation Reboot events foster a renewed sense of commardiere, brotherhood, sisterhood, and belonging paramount to the importance of being able to express the personal experiences as a service member and as a veteran. 

In an effort to maintain a sense of decorum and respect for each member of the group, Operation Reboot is a closed group on social media. The purpose of making this Facebook event page is to attract more members to the group who may see the value in participating or in helping others. 

If you are interested, please go to our website to send us a private message. You may also request to join our closed Facebook Group Page to stay up to date on our various events and programs in 2018 #OperationReboot