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USASOA Volunteer Orientation Meeting

The monthly Volunteer Orientation Meeting for March is scheduled for this Saturday morning in our DC office - refreshments will be served. If you are a current volunteer or would like to join Team USASOA and participate in one of our programs which have a direct impact on the quality of life for our ill, injured and wounded veterans their families and for the military and veteran communities at large, please join us this Saturday.
Over the past 5 years of serving our veteran and military communities, USASOA has maintained a policy of direct engagement utilizing 'Boots On The Ground' grassroots efforts to affect the change needed.
Each of our programs and services have a three part component to ensure the maximum, positive affect on the lives of our overall veteran and military communities. 1: Raising awareness 2: Providing the program/service related to that participate issue or challenge. 3: Raising funds to support 1 and 2.
USASOA never engages in fundraising for veteran/military issues or challenges on the concept of AWARENESS without providing the program or service needed to respond to that particular veteran or military issue. For instance, what good does raising AWARENESS for Veteran suicide without providing programs and services for veteran suicide PREVENTION.
Learn more about how you can use your energy, skills, talents and empathy to have a direct and meaningful impact on the quality of life for those who have bravely given so much for our nation and for our freedom. We inherited our freedom from the sacrifices of millions of service members and veterans - it is time to give back. Preview our Programs and Services now and fill out a Volunteer's Form to attend and we will email you back.