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Stand-Up Comedy Night - Supporting Veteran Suicide Prevention

  • St Arnold's Mussel Bar at the Abbey 3433 Connecticut Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20008 United States (map)

United Soldiers and Sailors of America - USASOA is a military and veteran service organization and charity. Our programs and services address some of the most important issues and challenges facing our military and veteran communities. The USASOA program, Operation Reboot is our peer to peer support group for veterans and active duty service members of every age and period of service. Utilizing supportive, therapeutic and recreational activities, Operation Reboot events foster a renewed sense of commardiere, brotherhood, sisterhood, and belonging paramount to the importance of being able to express the personal experiences as a service member and as a veteran. There is never a charge or a fee for a veteran or service member to attend or participate in any USASOA program, we depend solely on fundraisers and donations to fund our programs.

Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike:
The Irreverent Warriors Silkies hikes are a series of events across the nation designed to PREVENT veteran suicide by bringing veterans together using humor and camaraderie to heal the mental wounds of war through therapeutic events and entertainment.
Irreverent Warriors is PREVENTING veteran suicide through the use of unconventional therapy. Veterans are different, and therefore use different methods of coping. In the face of tragedy, a veteran is more likely to use humor as a coping mechanism than anything else. Civilians are not allowed to hike but are welcome to volunteer and/or meet us at the stops along the way!!!
The mission of the Silkies Hike is to bring veterans together with laughter and camaraderie, to provide a day of therapy. These hikes support and spread our bottom line: "put the gun back on safe, put it back on the nightstand, and stick around a bit longer."

Come out and enjoy a fun evening listening to local stand-up, veteran comedians while supporting USASOA's veteran suicide prevention efforts. Also, enjoy special drink and food prices at the Abbey in St Arnold's which is located directly across the street from the Cleveland Park Metro Station. Tickets are $20 per person and are on sale now by clicking the link below. All proceeds benefit Irreverent Warriors Silkies Hike DC and USASOA Operation Reboot suicide prevention programs.