Join With USASOA In Gratitude And In Service To Our Veterans

As President of United Soldiers and Sailors of America - USASOA, it is my privilege and honor to work so closely with our wounded service members and their families who live in various parts of our country and from many diverse backgrounds. Our overall military community is a collection and reflection of the American fabric that makes our nation great. Today, all grateful Americans turn their thoughts and prayers toward the sacrifices made by our veterans so that we may all enjoy the privileges of liberty, equality and freedom. Our democracy is only as strong as those who are willing to defend and protect it from all enemies foreign and domestic.

 Shortly after the Constitution was ratified, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “Sir, what kind of a government do we have?” He replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

 As we approach our 5th year of operations, I reflect on what USASOA has accomplished and just how much more we must achieve to ensure that the promises made by our government to our veterans are kept. As an all-volunteer group, Team USASOA strives to have a direct impact on the lives of our wounded veterans and their families, especially when they are in critical need of the essentials of life: food, shelter, utilities, heat and more. I often hear the desperation and sometimes even the lack of hope in their voices as they request the basics items that most of us take for granted every day. Because of their service, most Americans will thankfully never encounter the challenges they face and endure. With nearly 40,000 veterans homeless and living on our streets suffering from wounds seen and unseen and even more of them labeled as ‘at-risk’ – USASOA remains entrenched to meet their needs and be a part of the solution – we will leave no veteran behind!

Those voices of our veterans and their families stay with me as I guide my organization to press on and seeks ways to inform and motivate everyday Americans, businesses and corporations to come to the aide of our wounded veterans by supporting USASOA’s successful programs and services. While USASOA isn't the largest veterans service organization by far, our deeply engrained gratitude, commitment and obligation to the essential needs of our wounded veterans and their families continues to have a national impact.

 USASOA will stand firm in strong support in advocating for the rights our entire veteran community to ensure that all veterans and their families are treated as our greatest national treasures regardless of age, disability, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or marital status. 

 As the new Trump Administration and Congress takes shape, USASOA will continue our successful advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill in promoting and protecting the rights of all veterans and to ensure that the promises made to our defenders of freedom will be maintained and expanded. Please join me, the volunteers, and supporters of United Soldiers and Sailors of America in saluting all veterans and in honoring their service by taking an active, participating role in supporting our wounded veterans left in our care and who need your help.