4th of July BBQ FOR OUR HEROES program at Walter Reed Military Hospital

We would like to thank so many of our supporters and especially our terrific volunteers who instead of going to the beach or taking a trip on the long Holiday weekend, decided to spend their time giving back to our wounded defenders of freedom at Walter Reed this past Sunday.

While thousands of Americans celebrated our freedom and Independence Day in various ways - we celebrate the day with those who are directly responsible for defending our cherished freedoms. 

We hold one monthly BBQ FOR OUR HEROES event at Walter Reed starting in May and wrapping up our season in late October with our famous Chili-Fest. This is our 4th season and with the continued help and gratitude of our wonderful volunteers and donors for this amazing morale-boosting program, we hope to continue well into the future. There can be no better way to offer our sincerest form of gratitude to our wounded for the sacrifices that they have made in defending our way of life than to provide them with the love and care that they so rightfully deserve.