USASOA Operation Care Package

As a Military and Veteran Service Organization and Nonprofit -

the mission of USASOA has been to provide for the care and comfort of our service members and veterans of every age and period of service. In our effort to engage and connect the civilian population with the military community, USASOA  initiated Operation Care Package. This program collects and mails out care packages filled with items requested by our deployed troops, especially those who are stationed in remote locations or a FOB (Forward Operating Base). The items requested may change or deviate from time to time however, below is a list of general items which continue to be the most highly requested items. Please make a tax deductible donation so that we may cover the cost of mailing the packages overseas or, please mail us one or several of the items on the list below to our office in Washington, DC and we will include those items in the care packages. All items must be new and unopened and please do not send homemade goods or homemade food items. Thank you for being a part of a grateful nation and ensuring that our brave service members are not forgotten as they defend our freedom and our great nation.


1. Socks (boot style. Not concerned with color so white is fine)
2. Soap
3. tooth brushes
4. tooth paste
5. razors (disposable works just fine)
6. mouth wash
7. floss
8. deodorant
9. Q-tips
10. foot powder/spray
11. chap stick
12. band aids
13. cough drops
14. clothes pins
15. trail mix
16 beef jerky
17 instant coffee (no K cups please)
18 baby wipes (we have no shower facilities since we are in a remote location)
19 snacks (no chocolate or anything that will melt)
20 letters and notes of support.

Please mail these items to our office in Washington, DC
United Soldiers and Sailors of America
700 Pennsylvania Ave. SE
Suite 2104
Washington, DC 20003


DONATE to help defray the cost to ship the items overseas.