Veteran Advocacy


USASOA is proud to continue our successful work on promoting policy and legislation that provides for the overall mental and physical health and well-being our ill, injured, and wounded veterans as well as for the veteran community at large.  We firmly believe that our veterans are our greatest national treasures and we work to ensure that they are treated as such.  If you have a background in veteran  advocacy or would like to be a part of our organization that works to resolve the issues  facing our veteran community, please Contact Us

A Message from Executive Director Marsel Gray


As the Executive Director I oversee our programs, advocacy, and fundraising divisions. While each has a special place in my heart, advocacy is a personal favorite of mine. I come from a family succession of soldiers dating all the way back to the American Revolutionary War and served myself as medic in the US Army. It is both an honor and duty to continue fighting for veterans whether it was with my medical unit or here on Capitol Hill. The veteran voice cannot be silent as government officials decide on policies and laws that affect us all. From meeting with the House and Senate Committees on Veterans' Affairs to the Armed Service Committees, our advocacy attempts to have your voices heard. We understand that as unique as the many members of the military and their families are, so are their opinions, viewpoints, and needs. Please feel free to reach out to me personally about your concerns. I can be reached at