Founded in 2013, United Soldiers and Sailors of America is a Veteran Service Organization staffed with veterans and family members of veterans.

At USASOA the mission comes first. That mission is to provide the essentials of life to ill, injured, and wounded veterans and service members through charitable contributions and programs; to protect the interests of veteran-owned businesses, their healthcare, families, and caregivers; and promote their voices through our advocacy and policy work on Capitol Hill. 

Through the generous support of caring and grateful, everyday Americans, businesses and corporations, our unique programs, services, and events have a direct and meaningful impact on the quality of their lives. Learn more about our successful programs and services by click on the link in the sidebar. And please consider donating as a monthly sustaining member to http://www.usasoa.org/donate/ so we continue to keep funding our mission. 


We strongly believe that our wounded and our entire veteran community are our greatest national treasures.  Our leadership, staff, and volunteers have become ardent advocates and supporters for the issues and causes that have a direct and meaningful impact on the overall quality of life and well-being for our entire veteran community.  We support the meaningful work done by bipartisan committees, agencies, and other VSO continuing to properly take care of the over 20 million American veterans in this great nation.

USASOA maintains a highly successful track record in Congress for the just-rights and dignity of our veteran community and with your help, energy and financial commitment, we will continue to work to ensure the protection of all veterans and their families .  

If you would like to join our advocacy program and utilize your energy, skills, and talents to help advance veteran's causes, please send an email to advocacy@usasoa.org and request additional information on our advocacy program.  We need more grateful Americans to join this great cause. With a united front we can ensure no veteran is forgotten. 

On the floor of the US Senate, Senator Gary Peters thanks United Soldiers and Sailors of America and the other Veterans Service Organizations for our hard work and participation in passing the Fairness For Veterans Act.


As part of our commitment to financial accountability and transparency we have included our operating budget, annual report, and tax information in the files below.  We continue to support our mission through donations and are able to maintain overhead cost at our goal of 10% or less. 

Please note, these links are currently disabled while they are being updated and filed for the current year. 

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We have a five star rating from Great Nonprofits


USASOA’s Statement of Nondiscrimination

We are an organization for veterans, by veterans. A person is a veteran whether they served for one day or twenty years. It is our belief the Oath of Enlistment is binding for life and anyone willing to take the oath is a national treasure. We hold these truths to be self-evident that all were created equal. In our eyes you are a veteran first regardless of your race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability status, marital status, or sexuality. We all bleed red and therefore, any of the above mentioned demographics are never taken into account in our programs, advocacy, policies, and leadership. There is no greater honor than service to the United States of America. 


WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER - Good people are here to help you.  Please reach out - it is not a sign of weakness to seek the help you rightfully deserve.  

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER - Good people are here to help you.  Please reach out - it is not a sign of weakness to seek the help you rightfully deserve.