The Wounded Defenders of Freedom Fund

our assistance program providing the essentials to our ill, injuries, and wounded Veterans and their families 


When we are contacted for assistance by a wounded veteran or family member, we immediately assess their most urgent need for food, shelter, heat, utilities, or other basic goods or services.  Within hours of being contacted, we provide those essentials needed to ensure the physical safety and well-being of the veteran and/or family.  Through the use of electronic grocery store cards we provide food and basic staples. When the veteran is located in a rural area or has transportation difficulties in reaching a store, we provide that veteran with an access code to the USASOA Amazon Store so that they may place an order for the items they need. From warm socks and blankets to baby diapers and food items - the items they need are then delivered to their front door, often the very next day.  We also directly with utility companies to stop impending turn off notices or to restore power and coordinate with landlords, rental agents and banks to help terminate evictions and foreclosures by bringing past debts current. 

All donations made directly to this program are restricted to it only and never used for other costs.