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OPERATION AT EASE - Peer to Peer Event - Memorial Day Weekend BBQ

OPERATION AT EASE is open to all Veterans, Active Duty, Guardsmen and Reservist of every age and period of service. We want to thank our civilian volunteers who have and continue to support our mission in very extraordinary ways, however, because of the nature of this program, it's designed purpose is for our veterans and military service members only.  

USASOA holds a monthly peer to peer support group for all military and veterans who wish to attend. We realize that not all veterans and service members have plans for Memorial Day weekend and especially since it is a time in which our nation pauses to honor those brave men and women who have come before us - we thought that a traditional outdoor American BBQ would be in order.  At its core objective, OPERATION AT EASE exists to build a spirit of friendship and unity between fellow members of the US military, past and present, in the hope that shared experiences and those yet to be uncovered will help facilitate a renewed sense of belonging and support. We are all in this together and if you feel you may be able to help another veteran or may quietly need support, please feel free to sign up and attend. Come out to enjoy a wonderful afternoon, bring other veterans or service members or make new friends. For additional details on location and time please RSVP by sending an email to . Be sure to include your full name, email address and a good contact phone number. All personal information will be held in strict confidence. 

OPERATION AT EASE helps to build fellowship and trust through various supportive, therapeutic,  and recreational activities help to break down barriers and help those who would otherwise be too inhibited to do so. While many of the planned activities include:  Fishing, Outdoor BBQ Events, Learning How To Landscape, Garden and Raise Vegetables,  Hiking and Walks,  Day Trips, Visiting Military Retirement Homes and Other Social Events that foster and build a renewed sense of belonging and trust which is of paramount importance to being able to express the personal experiences encountered as active duty service or as a veteran.