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a Winter Survival Kit:
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Winter in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia area can often be a very brutal time of the year for our homeless veterans and when vital resources are needed the most. Through the USASOA Homeless Veterans Outreach Programs - our trained volunteers go out into the streets of Washington, DC to locate homeless veterans and hand deliver the USASOA Winter Care Kits directly into the hands of a veteran in dire need of the care, hope, and the support he or she earned and deserves.

Homelessness among veterans is on the increase since 2017 across this great nation. For the first time, female veterans are finding themselves homeless in greater numbers than ever before.


Our volunteers are trained to engage homeless veterans who are often living in pain, hopelessness and despair on the streets of a great nation that they once swore to defend with their lives. We offer all homeless veterans a ride directly to a VA intake shelter and we stay with them until they are secured and safe. For those who refuse our assistance, we provide them with additional services so that no veteran should ever be left behind!

Make your contribution now and USASOA will get your WINTER CARE KIT directly into the hands of a veteran in need. Live social media feeds will be announced in advance of our STORM THE STREETS - DC Campaign so that all USASOA supporters will have the personal opportunity and satisfaction of witnessing just how effectively their donations are being utilized to ensure that all veterans are treated as our greatest national treasures. Please select and donate a USASOA WINTER CARE KIT above.

We also need volunteers to help put the Winter Survival Kits together. Join us on Monday, November 26, 2018 at 6:30 pm in our Capitol Hill office directly across the street form the Eastern Market Metro Station.

United Soldiers and Sailors of America - USASOA

700 Pennsylvania Ave SE - Suite 2104

Washington, DC 20004


Dinner will be provided. Click to VOLUNTEER now or go to our Facebook Event page to click that you are GOING.