Ambassadors League

our volunteer program

The Ambassadors League is our volunteer program. The Ambassadors League actively helps being the mission into fruition. The program has three components: 

  • As a result of that close connection, we  directly assist our wounded service members and veterans while they are in our care by making visits to our local military hospitals. This is to actively engage our ill, injured, and wounded service members and veterans on a one on one basis.
  • Our presence in the nation's capital allows us access to the many Congressmen and women as well other officials. Many of our Ambassadors help us create a presence when we meet with legislators and spread the word of our organization.
  • The Ambassadors help us with our day to day operations. No organization can function without some level of administration to guide and manage it. Our Ambassadors help us keep costs at our target of less than 10% as well as keeping veteran interests as one of the three pillars of our mission. 

Once a month we hold an orientation and training session in our office for new volunteers who wish to join this program. The class is taught by health professionals, lobbyists, and executives who offer their services to our volunteers free of charge.

If you are interested in becoming a USASOA Ambassador, please go to Volunteers Page now and fill out the form.  Monthly Ambassador's Training Sessions are held in our Capitol Hill, DC office. This incredible program allows every day, appreciative Americans who have always desired to have a direct impact on the quality of life for our heroes to do just that.

Sign up now, volunteer, and take on a larger role within our organization.  It doesn't matter in what part of the country that you live, We are also searching for other grateful Americans to join our mission of mercy.  

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