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BBQ FOR OUR HEROES at Walter Reed Military Hospital

Please volunteer or donate whatever you can afford to help support the USASOA 5th season of BBQ FOR OUR HEROES at Walter Reed Military Hospital for our ill, injured and wounded service members. Please make your tax-deductible donations by clicking the following DONATE link. REMEMBER, EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS For those interested in volunteering, please contact us immediately if you do not already have military Base access.
Over the past 4 years, USASOA has been providing a traditional, outdoor American BBQ for our recovering wounded service members that are currently residing at Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital. The physical and mental injuries sustained by our wounded will often last them a lifetime. The USASOA outdoor BBQ FOR OUR HEROES program has evolved into an amazing morale-boosting event for our ill, injured and wounded who are able to come outside into the warm spring and summer sunlight and be surrounded by loving and caring TEAM USASOA Volunteers who produce a traditional, American BBQ with all the fixin's.

Over the years we have severed thousands of hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, drinks and much more. We depend on grateful Americans to hep us keep this important program going as it lets our wounded know that they and their sacrifices are not forgotten. Please be as generous as possible as we serve on average 80 to 125 of our heroes.

We also need volunteers to help prepare the food, set-up at Walter Reed, grill, serve and take orders to the rooms of our wounded who are unable to come join us outside.

Pictures of some of the BBQ FOR OUR HEROES events that USASOA has held at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center over the years - please help us keep this important program going by making a tax deductible donation or by volunteering.